Design Development

This is the stage in the design process to refine the design concepts. Ideally at this stage there will be a clear project direction and the details of the design and manufacturing details can really start to take shape.

Design refinement

Product design is such an iterative process, each stage in the design cycle really does depend on the last. During the design development phase there will likely be a lot of to-and-fro between designer and client to iron out the details.

Design direction

The design development phase will likely be the first stage a detailed CAD model is created enabling the designers and clients to see a lifelike representation of the design direction.

Design details

Details such as material textures, surface finishes split lines and any jointing methods will be explored during this phase. Bluedots Design work closely with clients and our manufacturing network, ensuring that the right decisions are made throughout the product development process, giving you the confidence your idea will be manufactured exactly as you imagine it should.

Prototyping phase

The outcome of the design development phase will be a well rounded design concept that is ready to be tested both functionally and visually during the prototyping phase.