Product Design Development

Product development is the stage in the product design process to refine the design concepts. Ideally at this stage there will be a clear project direction and the details of the design and manufacturing details can really start to take shape.

Development and refinement

Product design is such an iterative process, each stage in the design cycle really does depend on the last. Once a clear project direction has been chosen during the concept stage, the details of the design can start to take shape. During the design development phase there will likely be a lot of to-and-fro between designer and client to make decisions.

Design development

Developing design details

Moving from a conceptual design into a more detailed design sees the product start to come to life. During the design development stage, details such as material textures, surface finishes and split lines will be explored. Bluedots Design works closely with clients and a global manufacturing network, ensuring that the right decisions are made throughout the product development process. This gives you, the client, confidence your idea will be manufactured exactly as you imagine it should.

Developing design direction

The design development phase will likely be the first stage a detailed CAD model is created. Thus enabling the designers and clients to see a lifelike representation of the chosen design. A computer model enables clients to see their product in a virtual three-dimensional workspace on screen. This helps showcase factors such as size and proportion as well as colours and textures. To read more about the benefits of CAD design, please use the link at the bottom of this page.

Design details and development

Prototyping phase

Prototypes are also a key element of developing a well thought out design. There are varying types of prototypes too. From quick sketch models to test basic size and shape, to more detailed functioning test rigs. There will likely be more than one round of prototype creation during a project as designs change and develop. To read more about the added value prototypes can bring to your project, please click the link below.

All prototypes are created by third parties such as online 3D printing services, or specialist prototyping houses such as Amalgam Modelmaking.