Product design concepts

Concept design is the first creative stage in the design process. Its purpose is to generate multiple ideas quickly.

Iconic products often start off as quick concept sketches. Mere seeds of ideas that are then honed and developed throughout the wider product design process. The goal of the concept design stage is to generate a broad spectrum of creative ideas and potential directions for the project to take. These concepts will be refined and developed later on. Design development can be read about here.

Concept creation

Concepts are often only as good as the brief. A comprehensive brief makes for well thought through concepts. Having an in-depth brief provides product designers with a detailed understanding of the problem they need to overcome. The role of a product design consultant is then to interpret your brief and end user insight, and not only to generate a range of feasible product design concepts, but also have the ability to effectively select the best concepts to carry forward for further design development.

Concept sketches


Generating quick concept sketches in the early stages of a design project is a great way to communicate thought process and ideas to clients. Strong visual communication skills are key to a successful project, and concept sketches are no exception to this. Digital concept sketches can be presented in a face-to-face or online video call scenario. Blue Dots Design uses the software Adobe Fresco to produce digital sketches which can be shared easily with clients in either JPEG or PDF formats.

After a clear project direction has been determined, it is time to work through the finer details. Click the design development link below to find out more.

For a more in-depth look at project work, please take a look at the projects page which can be found here.