“Design and collaboration go hand-in-hand. Let’s work together to discuss problems, imagine new ideas, and brainstorm solutions.”

What is a product design workshop?

A product design workshop is a fast paced collaborative work session, talking through problems and ideas. The goal of a workshop is to rapidly generate and discuss a wide set of ideas and solutions.

Design workshops are a strictly confidential designer-to-client session for you to receive advice and direction from an experienced industry professional.

Rebecca came recommended to us by her former employer and she proved herself to be a very knowledgeable and pragmatic product designer. Very competently taking us through exploratory concept designs all the way through to detailed design, CAD models and manufacturing drawings; everything we had asked for and more, all in a timely and efficient manner. If you’re after an experienced product designer, look no further than Rebecca!

Luke Smith, Managing Director Build Test Solutions.


Product Design Workshop

What can I gain from a workshop?

The goals of the workshop will be agreed upon by both parties before the meeting takes place. For example; is my product idea viable? Or, I want to explore the possible design directions my idea could go.
During a design workshop we will dive deeply into your project, discuss your dilemmas and think of new creative ideas and solutions. The types of Product design workshops run by Blue Dots Design are used for the following aspects of design:

Discovery workshop:

Do you have an idea for a product but aren’t sure if it is viable, desirable or how to go about making it real? Then a discovery workshop is for you. During the session we will discuss in depth the problem you are trying to solve with your new product idea. We discuss market size. We will look at how to compile enough research surrounding your idea to see if your product is viable. Competition will be researched. Current solutions if any, and how to improve them if they exist already.

By the end of a discovery workshop you will have a greater understanding of the product design process. We will cover basic cost estimates for your project, and the stages designers work through to bring new products to market.

After a discovery session you will have the tools you need to research into the viability of your product, the size of the target market, and a deep understanding of your target consumer.

Design workshop:

Design workshops take place after a brief has been formed. This can be off the back of a discovery workshop, or one which has been produced independently.

The purpose of a design workshop is to rapidly generate a wide range of ideas based on the client brief. It is very much a collaborative session between client and designer. During the session, we will discuss problems, imagine new and creative ideas and brainstorm solutions. It is very much a think-as-you-go meeting. At the end of the design workshop we will hone down the ideas produced and pick the strongest designs to carry forward.

After a design workshop, you will have a well thought through, narrowed down selection of design directions for your project. The exploratory nature of the workshop means you will be secure in the reasoning behind these selected directions.

Both design workshops described above carry no obligations to continue your project with Blue Dots Design. However, following on from a workshop we will have a detailed and in depth understanding of your project to allow us to provide a comprehensive quote for further project work. This deep understanding of your project and objectives allows us to work quickly and efficiently, potentially saving you money in the long run.

What is the format of a design workshop?

Product design workshops are fully confidential one to one sessions between client(s) and designer. Workshops can be held face to face at an agreed meeting place, place of work or workspace. They can also be held virtually over a video call. An NDA can be signed prior to our session too if necessary. All workshops are four hours long – don’t worry, we will have time for a couple of breaks during the session!

How much does a workshop cost?

All workshops cost £500 which is to be paid in full upfront to secure your session booking. Travel expenses will also be added if the workshops are to be held outside a 15 mile radius from Bath city centre. Any workshops cancelled within 24 hours of the agreed session time are non-refundable.

What should I bring to a workshop?

It is best to arrive prepared for a product design workshop to make sure you get the best added value to your project. Bring any questions you may have. Research material you have gathered will also be helpful in understanding the project background and intended direction. A pen and paper is always useful too…

Do I need a patent before we meet?

The short answer is no. Patenting an idea too early means any changes made further down the design process, or during manufacturing preparation will invalidate the patent. This can result in a very costly mistake. During a workshop we will advise a client when to start the patenting process. Blue Dots Design has a network of friendly patent lawyers and patent search attorneys who can help with the design protection process.

“Rebecca is a fantastic designer with the ability to bring her extensive career experience into every product she works on, our time working together was breath of fresh air. Having a different way of looking at everything from form to function makes every project development great, bringing not only great design but solid reason behind it. Hopefully we work together again soon!”

Logan Argent, Product Manager at Fabric