Product research

Understanding your target consumer market is key to launching a successful new product . Even the best new product ideas are backed up by extensive strategic planning. I can help research past and current market trends and competitor products, and target audience behaviours.

product and market analysis mood moord for pan product design by blue dots design

Parallel product research

A deep understanding of competitor and parallel products is a vital stage in new product development. This helps gain an understanding of any existing competitor products, as well as comparing what other brands do well… or not! It is also an important step in understanding where your new product will sit in the market, the price points to aim for, and the reason for creating and launching your new product.

materials for injection moulding mood board for product design by blue dots design

Concept generation

Once the background research is complete, and there is a sound knowledge base and market research to back up the new product idea, it is time to get to work on the concept generation.