Design for manufacture

This is where the real fun begins! Being experts in Design For Manufacture, Bluedots Design can help you to prepare your project for production.

Bluedots Design has a tried and tested wide network of trusted suppliers both here in the UK and overseas. These suppliers can be called upon to help produce your product.  If a client has requirements which means an alternative production partner needs sourcing, then I have the necessary skills to find the right partner to take you into the manufacturing industry.

Bluedots Design can assist in factory background research, ensuring the right manufacturing partner is chosen for you. Each project and client have a different set of factory requirements, whether it is country of manufacture, materials or budgets. I work closely with my clients to ensure the fight factory is chosen to partner with on an individual basis.

Project management and factory liaison are also an important step to make sure your product gets the best start it deserves. I have a long list of factories I have used in the past and pride myself in the recommendations I can provide. For more information on how I chose a suitable manufacturing partner for my clients, please click here.

Factory delivery

Once the tooling production starts at the factory, there will be more prototypes from the factory tooling. This is an important stage of signing off on the materials, colours, strength and usability before the full production. After these “first-off samples” have been approved, the really exciting stage starts! The first production run. This may be a reduced run, or a full order depending on lead times and budgeting. Design for manufacture is quite a lengthy process overall, but once the final products start rolling off the production line, the wait is more often than not, well worth it.

Design for manufacture factory

If you have a project you would like some design help with, or manufacture advice, please get in touch today using the contact button at the bottom of this page. Alternatively, you can send an email to