Increasing active journeys through user focussed design.

Design lead sustainable transport.

Founded by award-winning product designer Rebecca Crowder in 2019, Blue Dots Design draws on nearly 20 years of design and manufacturing expertise to make cycling and active travel more accessible. Using sustainable design and manufacturing practices, our mission is to increase sustainable & active journeys through user-focussed design.

“Rebecca is one of the most talented product designers I have had the pleasure of working with. Her ability to design from concept through to production, combining creative and sound organisational skills is exceptional. With a sound understanding of multiple production techniques, not only is her work elegant, it’s realistic terms of actually bing manufacturable.”
Nick Larsen, Global head of creative & Industrial Design, Cannondale

Award-winning product design

“My design approach is simple yet creative whilst keeping product viability at the forefront of the project. Combining creative expertise with a vast knowledge of manufacturing methods creates great products. I can optimise a new or existing product design concept no matter how far along the design process you are. Ensuring your project is optimised for materials and manufacturing methods best suited to your individual project is key.”


Bringing your concepts to life


I have many years experience and knowledge in designing products for manufacture and have worked with factories here in the UK as well as overseas. This is one of my key areas of strength as well as an essential part of the product design process. I spent more than five years working in the bicycle industry for global cycling brands and have strong ties to the outdoor activities industry.


Product design services

I can help guide you through the entire product development journey, from the initial concept drawings right through to managing the first production run of your product. Please click the links below to find out more about each design stage, and what I can do for you.


Sustainable design

Sustainability within the physical product world is more important now than it has ever been. Bluedots design can help guide you on your new product development journey whilst keeping sustainable design at the forefront of the process. There are many different aspects to consider when designing sustainable products; end of life, material choices, finishes, manufacturing methods and country of manufacture all play an important parts in keeping the environmental impact as low as it can be. We will work together to ensure your product is the best it can be for both the target consumer and the planet.


Happy clients…

Most product design projects are top secret, and as such can’t be shown off as much as we would like! So here are a few of the brands I have worked and collaborated with so far…

What my clients say…

Talented Product designer

Rebecca is one of the most talented product designers that I have had the pleasure of working with. Her ability to design from concept through to production, combining creative and organisational skills, is exceptional.
With a sound understating of multiple production techniques, not only is her design work elegant, it’s realistic in terms of actually being manufacturable.

Nick Larsen

Global head of creative, Cannondale

Very easy to work with

Rebecca made the entire process very easy. She took an initial concept and gave it life, I would have no hesitation using Rebecca for future projects.

Conrad Lea

Founder, Rhino VR

Great CAD skills

I have found that working with Rebecca has been been a pleasure. Eager to help and a resourceful with her CAD / designing skill. Easy and friendly to work with, willing to go the mile to get the job done. Looking forward to the next time we work together.

Robert Bakewell

Project manager, Amalgam modelmaking

Great work

Rebecca’s breadth of knowledge of manufacturing processes and super organisational skills made our whole project run really smoothly. The efficiency of the digital workflow she proposed and carried out was key to our projects success, and I would be happy to recommend or work with her again.



A great Comminucator

Working with Rebecca is great, she has a wealth of design and manufacture knowledge and experience. A great communicator for both client and fellow creatives. Easy going and a pleasure to work with whenever we get the chance to collaborate.

Mike Stevens

Product Designer, Mike ID

Design for manufacture

Rebecca designed and modelled in CAD an Art Studio which I was tasked with machining with a 5 Axis CNC router. All components were drawn with detail and converted to my software without any “healing” being required.
All worked very well and would not hesitate to ask for her help again modelling any future projects.

Rob Gould

Machine shop manager, Tekne

Great help

Rebecca has been a great help aiding in design for manufacture and developing concepts. Strong design and CAD skills, with a vast amount of experience in prototyping and manufacturing. Always friendly and honest, Rebecca’s communication is great and easy to chat to.

Lewis Jefferies

Project manager, Amalgam modelmaking

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