Testing your design

Creating a prototype of your new product is also a crucial part of the product design process, there will likely be several rounds of prototypes and model making to test and refine the product even further before it is truly factory ready.

Visual prototype

There are two main types of prototypes; visual models and functional models. Visual models are usually used for things like photoshoots, promotion videos and website images. They need to look like the finished article and seem appealing to consumers. Visual prototypes will likely have colours and a surface finish that will mimic the final result. The models might not fully function as the finished product would, or be made from the same materials, but if you only want a static image for a website or a poster to look like the real deal, then it doesn’t matter what it is made of.

Functional prototype

Functional prototypes test mechanisms, or sizes of a design. The ‘test rig’ of the prototyping world. They are usually quickly made, either by hand or a 3D print and shown to the client for approval before further refinement or design development can take place.

For more information on the value prototypes can add to your project, please read my blog post on the benefits of prototyping here.