A beach-front studio and place of musing for renowned architect and independent developer Roger Zogolovitch.

Site Plan of pottering shed
Image credits go to Studio MUTT

One of the great things about being a specialist in designing products for manufacture, and one of the reasons I love what I do is the diversity of work that comes my way.

I was privileged enough to be brought onto this project to work alongside the award-winning architectural firm Studio MUTT on their development for pioneering architect Roger Zogolovitch. Named the Pottering Shed, the building consists of a cantilevered concrete base built into the sea-facing cliff with an engineered timber top.

I was brought onto the project because of the work I undertook on the Walmer Road Yurts. The similarities between the two projects in terms of how they would be manufactured meant I was already an expert in the manufacturing principles. My role in the project was to use this prior knowledge to convert the 2-dimensional architectural plan drawings supplied by MUTT into a full-scale 3D computer model.

The building was to be cut by machine (CNC) from a mix of 18 and 24mm birch ply into hundreds of ribs all finger-jointed together.

Once the model was near completion a test panel of the building was made to test the tolerance of the joints and the structural integrity of the unit once assembled.

The project has been handed over to the manufacturers now, and although fully cut and partly assembled on the factory floor, the building is yet to be erected on-site. The winter British weather is a force to be reckoned with, especially on a sea-facing cliff in Poole!