What can I do for you?

Whether you are an individual or a start up business with a great idea please get in touch.
I’ll contact you to arrange a free initial briefing and put together a project plan and proposal tailored to your requirements. I can work to long or short deadlines, and small or large budgets!

The process

A general project flow starts with market analysis and competitor evaluation. Let’s say you want a new smart watch designing. I’ll take a look at the target consumer, find out what makes them tick, what they’re using, what they’re buying. Then I’ll look at all the other available competitors products; find out what they do well, their best features, their selling points, and importantly – what they do badly.
I will use all this information plus other inspirational elements relevant to the product which could be taken from nature, or a man made product to generate concepts.
Once you have a concept you’re happy with, next comes design refinement. Honing down the design, the look, the style, and manufacturability.
I can present the proposed design to you either in a 3D CAD file, 2D technical drawings, or as photorealistic renderings showing material textures, colour options and finishes for some real wow factor.
Each project really will have its own requirements and needs, but hopefully this example will help you understand a bit more about the design process.

I can jump on to your project at any stage of the process. If you have a design and you need help sourcing a factory somewhere in the world then I can help.

I have a vast experience of designing for production, and consider this my speciality.