Cycling helmets are a necessity for any cyclist. They protect the skull on impact and can save lives. They also need to look appealing to consumers, and be styled as such to be instantly recognisable. Much as automotive brands are recognised by the shape of their front grills, or rear break light shape. The same applied to cycling helmets. I have been fortunate enough to work with a range of brands on their helmet designs. Below you will find a selection of Cannondale helmets.

Adult Intake MIPS helmet

The Intake Cannondale helmet was a styling exercise.Originally an off the shelf helmet, different colours, surface finishes and textures were explored to create a good looking on-brand cycling helmet. I also specified the foam linings and retention system to keep the helmets on-brand.

Intake Mips cannondale helmet

I worked closely with the award-winning Swedish company MIPS to implement their protection system into the Cannondale Intake helmet. Once implemented the Mips system makes helmets some of the safest on the market.

Adult Hunter Cannondale helmet

The Cannondale Hunter helmet was also a styling exercise. But with a few design tweaks. I ensured the specifications kept the helmet matching up to the high brand standards. The profile of the helmet was also changed to increase coverage at the back of the riders neck to maximise safety.

Hunter Cannondale helmet

A well ventilated, light-weight and durable helmet. Built for fast descents and long technical climbs with a ‘just-right’ fit and modern styling.

Adult Intent helmet

Keeping the strong brand identity for Cannondale helmets played a big part in the styling of this all day adventure helmet. Large vents for comfort, deep rear coverage for maximum protection on the trails and dual mouldings for a premium feel.

Intent Cannondale Helmet